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PLEASE NOTE: We are glad you have navigated to this page. Mailing your gift direct to Groveland at 1900 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403 will result in faster processing and no transaction fees. However, we are glad to accept your contribution no matter what process you choose. Thank You.

Due to budget constraints, we can only serve those within our shelf area. We allow our visitors to receive food once a month with the exception of 3 emergency visits. Unlike other food shelves, we allow our visitors to choose their food items to bring home, maximizing food distribution and minimizing food waste. Please donate to allow our organization to help those in need.

Why Should I Donate?

There are many reasons for donating funds to the Groveland emergency Food Shelf


buys emergency groceries for an individual for one month.


buys emergency supplies for a family of three for one month.

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